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Dr. Linda Sapadin      Dr. Linda Sapadin
          Success Coach


About Dr. Sapadin

“Psychologist, success coach, international author, media guest, and expert on overcoming self-defeating patterns of behavior is known for her sharp insights and exceptional ability to provide timely yet timeless advice.”

That’s what they say about me, but what I want you to know is that I enjoy coaching people - working with them to help them reach their career and personal goals.

However, I simply don’t have time to work with everybody who wants my assistance. Hence, I’ve gathered together my best ideas and insights, skills and strategies, tips and techniques and incorporated them into

         “How to Beat Procrastination
            In The Digital Age.

Everything in this book is geared toward helping you succeed. When you succeed I succeed. That is the best definition of a win-win relationship!

Want to find out more about me? It’s not difficult.


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You might be interested in my unusual entry into the writing world. When  Ann Landers left her home based newspaper, The Chicago Sun-Times created a nationwide contest to replace her. I was chosen as one of the finalists from more than 11,000 contestants.

“My mother giving advice is like the Cookie Monster being paid to eat cookies; she’s a natural!” That was Glenn’s response to Bill Geist, the New York Times reporter, when Bill asked him what he thought of his mom becoming the next “Ann Landers.”

No, I didn’t replace Ann Landers but the contest did launch my writing and media career. Those were heady days with a photo op for People magazine, a lead story in the New York Times and a host of radio and print interviews.

Since then, I’ve appeared on The Today Show and Good Morning America. I’ve lectured at the Smithsonian Institution and at the American Psychological Association.

I’ve been interviewed by hundreds of magazines and newspapers, including The New York Times, USA Today, Newsday, The Washington Post, Psychology Today, Men’s Health, Self, Prevention, and many other print and on-line publications.

I’m a dynamic speaker who has been sought out for talks at business and educational organizations. If after reviewing the book, you want me to visit your organization, contact me at and we’ll see what we can arrange.