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Dr. Linda Sapadin      Dr. Linda Sapadin
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In The Media

Dr. Sapadin has done hundreds of television, radio and print media interviews. She’s appeared on The Today Show, Good Morning America, the God Squad, the Voice of America and has hosted her own radio talk show on WGBB.

Major newspapers have sought out her expertise and showcased her work. She’s been interviewed by the New York Times, USA Today, Newsday, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times and the Boston Globe. Her work has been featured in Psychology Today, Cosmopolitan, Prevention, Good Housekeeping, Bottom Line,, Men’s Health,, Crain’s NY Business and many other print media.

Sample stories that Dr. Sapadin can help reporters develop are:

How the Digital Age Makes It Harder to Beat Procrastination.
Accessible, appealing, addictive distractions are everywhere. Beepers beckon. Diversions seduce. Entertainment entices. Digital devices tempt. Is it any wonder that so many are teetering on the edge of the Boulevard of Broken Dreams?

Six Personality Traits that Trigger Procrastination

Whether you're a Perfectionist, Dreamer, Worrier, Crisis-Maker, Defier, Pleaser or a combination thereof, procrastination can
undermine your best intentions. 

What Dates are the Nemesis of Procrastinators?

December 24th - The favorite shopping day for procrastinators. 

January 1st - Procrastination can sabotage your best New Year's resolutions.

2nd Week in March - National Procrastination Week  
about it, brag about it and bond together. But how many people understand what procrastination really is? Like  Hamlet in the world of action, procrastinators are torn between two impulses. "To do or not to do," that is the question.

April 15th - Many procrastinators put off filing their tax returns, even when they're due refunds. What's that about?

Summer's Over - Time to get back to work. But do procrastinators do so? Or do they keep living on a summer schedule?

The Emotional Toll of Procrastination
Procrastination is the gift that keeps on giving and giving—not only rationalizations and regrets but also distressing emotions, such as panic, fear, depression, and anger.

How Procrastination can Destroy Relationships

Explore how procrastination undermines trust in personal and professional relationships.

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