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What Fuels Each Procrastination Style?

Perfectionists procrastinate because they want everything to be perfect.

Dreamers procrastinate because they want to go from ‘A to Z’ without dealing with all those bothersome details in between.

procrastinate because they fear change, excessively worrying about what may happen in the future.

Crisis-Makers procrastinate because they love living on the edge, getting motivated only when they’re under the gun.

procrastinate because they feel resentful and resistant when others tell them what to do.

procrastinate because they have trouble saying ‘no’ to others, then realize they have way too much to do.

You may have noticed that you relate to more than one personality style. This doesn’t make you weird or strange. Neither does it make you gifted or unique. It simply means that you’re complex. At times one style can be driving your behavior, other times a different style.


Discover Your Style


Do you have difficulty completing a project because your own high standards have not been met?


Do you get preoccupied with details, rules, or schedules that others don’t seem to care much about?


Do you think a lot about things you want to accomplish but rarely get them off the ground?


Do you wait for opportunities to drop into your lap rather than take an active, “go get 'em” approach?


Do you paralyze yourself before starting a project by worrying about the "what ifs” of the situation?


Do you hesitate to leave your comfort zone, avoiding situations that might cause stress or anxiety?


Do you ignore deadlines, then at the last minute work frantically to get things done?


Do you enjoy taking risks and living on the edge?


Do you become sulky, irritable or argumentative when asked to do a task that you don’t want to do?


Do you avoid obligations by claiming that you’ve forgotten them or that they’re unimportant?


Do you have difficulty saying ‘no’ to others, then feel resentful when you feel overburdened?


Do you run around doing a lot of things, without really feeling that you’re accomplishing very much?

If you answered Yes to

Questions 1 & 2:’re a Perfectionist

Questions 3 & 4:’re a Dreamer

Questions 5 & 6:’re a Worrier

Questions 7 & 8:’re a Crisis-Maker

Questions 9 & 10:’re a Defier (Passive-Aggressive)

Questions 11 & 12:’re a Pleaser (Overdoer)