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Dr. Linda Sapadin      Dr. Linda Sapadin
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What Is Coaching?

COACHING has been used for many years in the arts and in athletics to enhance personal performance. In these fields, a coach is considered absolutely necessary in order for an individual or team to achieve star status.

Because coaching has been so successful in helping athletes and artists achieve their goals, it has made a rapid expansion into other areas of life. Coaching is particularly useful for those who know their goals, are well motivated, and are emotionally stable. In both professional and personal coaching, I function as a mentor, a strategist, an idea person, a motivator and a nurturing taskmaster.


Let’s say that you’re a professional, executive, artist or student. Though you're doing well, you know you’re capable of doing even better. Yet, it’s not happening or it’s happening too slowly for your satisfaction. You’re not sure if it relates to anxiety, self-sabotage, procrastination, negative energy, poor communication skills, relationship difficulties or the need for increased knowledge about self-presentation, group dynamics, hierarchical power, marketing strategies or organizational structure.

Think of how helpful it would be if you could discuss your situation with an objective and non-judgmental coach. Though I am not an expert in your field, I am an expert in problem solving, creative thinking, group dynamics, communication skills, relationship skills, emotional expression and modulation.

Working as a team, we define the problem. Then, I help you develop the necessary skills to confront the challenges you face. I help you to create  options and strategies, establish a plan of action with a timeline, explore resistance, bolster confidence and encourage you to follow through on your game plan.

Coaching sessions are flexible in terms of their frequency, though most people begin with weekly or bimonthly sessions. Coaching takes place in person or over the phone. The latter option is particularly useful for those who live a distance from my office, which is located on Long Island, 30 minutes from New York City.